Snow Day

Dear Jessica,

Southern snow days are a real treat-especially when it snows AND it sticks AND you get more than an inch. When you live in an area that gets so little snow you really make the most of the handful of magical days when Winter is more than gray days and sicknesses.

You always take and share way too many pictures and videos when y’all have snow and the kids head outside. Usually you layer up on pants and tall socks and as many sweaters as you can fit under a coat, but this year Target had all of their snowbibs 50% off one day, and with the prediction of more snow than normal you felt justified in buying them for $10 a pop. Just not having four loads of laundry after a day in the snow has been worth it. The snow today was super wet so you didn’t last long but got a few cute pictures of the kids playing.

Cooper Gray had to wear his back pack out to play.

The big kids got in lots of sledding, and you actually got to join in for a few minutes between nursing a baby and dressing and undressing CG as he went in and out.

And Graham enjoyed lounging inside and practicing his modeling.

You had hot chocolate, and cider, and snuggled under blankets after finally coming in. The truck couldn’t get out of the driveway within an hour of being parked, so it looks like Aarik will be home tomorrow, and you’ll get to finish the deep cleaning you started. The brightness of the snow day helped you see some things that desperately needed to be done.

You love being snowed in together, and how it allows y’all to slow down and spend time together, and see the world with a fresh pair of eyes.

Snow days in the south are magic, that way.

“A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky-unbidden- and seems like a thing of wonder.” -Susan Orlean


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