What Recess Looks Like

Dear Jessica,

Your favorite way to decompress when having a tough day of school, or to get fresh air when everyone has been couped up way too many days in a row is to drive over to the park with the duck pond and the stage the kids love to play on. You have to time it just right with the kids finishing enough school, feeding Graham riggt before you leave, and getting Cooper Gray to let you put his pants on, but, it’s usually worth it.

Today Konnor hesitated, but then ran with them once before coming back to walk with you, and you want to remember what it looked like to see them all hit the clearing and scatter. And, what it felt like to have him just a few inches shorter than you with untamed blonde hair.

And what she looks like while discovering her own style and trying to be “cool”, but still also always being helpful and keeping an eye on her brothers.

How Parker always tries to dress in all green everything. No matter what the result looks like. And, how he’s rarely still long enough for you to get a decent picture of him.

And, although you’ll always remember how hard this kid has been, but you just might forget how insanely adorable and tiny he was while terrorizing your days

How the four of them look while watching fish and turtles


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