Don’t Forget When Coop Was Dora

Dear Jess,

Just a quick reminder that at two years and seven months old Cooper Gray has turned into Dora the Explorer.

“What?!”, you may be thinking. What could these two possibly have in common? Well…..

For starters, they have the same haircut. And, they both speak English really well, but every once in a while they throw a word out there that you just don’t recognize.

Both wear the exact same outfit every day. Coop has now been wearing his PJ Masks t-shirt and a diaper for four days. After baths you try to put a different t shirt on him, but, he isn’t having it. Luckily, it’s Winter, he has a weird off and on cough, and you homeschool, so you haven’t had to bring him out in public like this just yet.

Neither Dora nor Cooper will go anywhere without their backpack, which they talk to as if it’s a person and carry around all of the random things in the world in. And chances are that whatever it is you need to finish whatever it is you are doing can be found in that backpack.

Coop had to take his backpack out in the snow. It has to sit in his chair with him at the dinner table. It waits for him on the bathroom floor at bath time. He carries it up and down the stairs all day long while he goes on his adventures, and if he can’t find it on the off chance he put it down and walked away, he will yell, “Where awe you bat pat?!?”, until he finds it. Also, everything is fair game to be put in that thing and Cooper is a climber, so if your stuff is missing you know where to find it.

Now do you see it?

It’s a phase you don’t want to forget.


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