Seven years old

Dear Parker,

There will never be a year that your birthday rolls around and I am not reminded of how I thought you would never be mine. The losses that we went through to get you here and the promises that I made to God if he would just give us the child who we prayed for. The healing that your birth brought to my existence.

You are so full of love and life. Every day with you is an adventure and after two kids with lots of anxiety you have been our great adventurer. Watching you experience new things is a joy that my heart so needs. Fear isn’t in your bag of emotions. Sometimes that isn’t the best thing. You are the personification of “a bull in a China shop” and there isn’t a single day that passes without you breaking something. There are 6 years between you and Konnor, but only one pant size. You hate being made to learn in a formal way, but your curiosity makes you my easiest child to teach as long as you think it’s your idea. You are always by my side in the kitchen, learning recipes and techniques. Your soul needs the beach the same way mine does. You want to fish and shoot and do all of the things I assumed my life would be full of with four little southern boys. You love all of the things that your Grumpy does. Every night that you lay your head on your pillow, I am confident that you squeezed every drop of fun and laughter out of the day behind you. Most of our best belly laughs can be contributed to you. At this age, cooperation isn’t your strong suit, but I know that in coming years we will only grow closer and ai pray that I can help guide you to the life that will bring you closest to God and your dreams.


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