Two Roads Diverged in a Wood

And, I- I took the one less traveled by.

Somehow we survived this week. Fifteen weeks left until the end of this semester, minus two for Fall and Thanksgiving break.

I so appreciated all of the encouragement and support that I got when sharing the beginning of our new journey. I noticed several people who said they thought I made it look easy and it made me want to run to them and hug them and say, “It IS NOT easy. Don’t let my positive attitude used to defend my goal setting fool you into thinking that I’m not scared, intimidated, and already exhausted!”

I’m approaching this biting off more than I can chew experience as positively as possible. By saying this is no different than other adults going back to school, that doesn’t mean that it is easy for them or for me! It’s certainly not as easy as I remembered it, and jumping head first into junior year after more than a decade away from formal learning has been a shock to my system, to say the least.

The kids have done so well with their schooling this week! Our new language arts program is just right up our alley and I can already see them learning and growing from it. We have always been hippies and run wild and free with no schedule, so this very structured day has been a big adjustment for us all, and by the third morning we were all waking up exhausted. I hope that this weekend will be the what we need to start our next week rested, refreshed, and ready to learn. And hopefully we’ll adjust sooner than later!

This first week was a short school week, by one day, and I still

• taught 12 math lessons

• led 2 art lessons using pastels

• and 1 science lesson intro to energy

• listened to the kids read 12 total chapters

• read aloud 5 chapters in Charlotte’s Web

• cooked dinner every night

• got the kids out in nature almost every day

• made it to run group twice

• read HUNDREDS of pages on political science, interpersonal conflict, and psychology.

•Turned in three assignments and took two quizzes by Friday

•turned in 4 more assignments before Sunday

• lived my most uncomfortable life being required to video myself responding to discussion prompts and then post them for strangers to respond to.

• changed 30+ diapers

• cut the crust off of 2 loaves of bread

•took 12 pages of notes from my readings

• all the other normal mom stuff

• Didn’t get the cute pictures I thought I would of all of these things

• had to talk myself out of quitting at least 10 times

Here’s hoping that we can make it through week two!


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